.Win a new agency Buddha mountain on July 11 give or get an electric shock(distance view Wei) a reporter on the 11th from medium total Buddha mountain City in Guangdong province Ji Wei learn of, the Buddha mountain City follows virtuous area pair the ward chief and area market safety take charge of bureau chief Zhao Wan Xiong in the bureau to be suspected of seriously disobey Ji, is accepting an organization survey currently.This year 56-year-old native place Guangdong Gao Yao of Zhao Wan Xiong, his once being Zhao in Guangdong to celebrate city to keep belonging to knowing of farmland farm in Europe is green, leave a farm to is a 6 years worker in the gauge factory of Guangdong behind in 1980.After administration college in Guangdong takes off to produce study, Zhao Wan Xiong celebrates a city industry and business in Zhao in Guangdong in 1992 bureau to jump the pair bureau chief that industry and business dragon allows.He successively serves as Zhao to celebrate the city industry and business bureau chief from pair in bureau, cloud to float a city industry and business after bureau pair bureau chief etc. job, in 2006 start in the Buddha nike lebron 11 ukmountain follow the virtuous area serve as an area industry and business administration the bureau chief of the administration.Up to now in 2012, Zhao Wan Xiong allows to follow virtuous area government a pair ward chief and area market safety to take charge of bureau chief Ju.Earlier followed a virtuous area person greatly often Wei will vice- director Yuan Wei Lun as well Be suspected of severity disobeying Ji be checked.Follow virtuous be located in bead of triangle interior region, the north borders on Guangzhou, the south is HongKong-Macau near, a famous Guangdong Qiao country, own in more than 20 nations in the world and the regions currently 50 many ten thousand HongKong-Macau set compatriot and oversea overseas Chinese.Yesterday morning, the city hall convened to often work a meeting for the 47th time and hard learned blow gently near even total secretary in the economic situation

Expert symposium of importance talk spirit, premier Li Ke Qiang is in parts of in the province and the business enterprise symposium of importance talk spirit, inform to carry through to save Wei Wei to often extend meeting spirit and Du in State Department to check a set of feedback suggestion and hear the first half year of whole city economy to circulate a monitor circumstance notification and section work to make collective report, thorough analysis at present economic situation, research deploy the second half year of economy work.Mayoral〃? Lu Zi jumps to emphasize in the middle of talking, keeps to settle dint and promotes and boosts confidence and picks one more son and contribute more and goes all out to decisive battle for three quarters, degree, sprint the degree in the four seasons, complete an each whole year target task completely, ensure the cashing note makesnike kobe 8 cheap formally to promise to the people of whole city, determinedly don't drag along development hind legs in whole country in the whole province.Lu Zi jumps to point out, first half year of I city economy circulate the index sign is steady medium slowly rise, innovation transformation to like, the people's livelihood quality tends excellent, but the situation facing is still rigorous, exist of the difficult challenge is still more, carry out whole year each development target task, the key is decided by three quarters, degree and the four seasons degree, the key is decided by everyplace the work result of each section, the key is decided by whole city top and bottom the innovation of the especially large business enterprise start a business.Want to let the heart tightly get up, gather dint, the work move and go all out to decisive battle for three quarters, degree, sprint the degree in the four seasons, indeed

Protect mainly economic index sign to increase to soon have to a little bit greatly promote, contribute for whole country in the whole province developing more.Lu Zi jumps to emphasize, enhancedouble bottom line management, the annual plan and average level in the whole province tightly staring at mainly economic index sign is these two bottom lines, the sound economy circulates to monitor system and checks against a margin to seek a problem and improves measure to grasp implementation and push the second half year economy to quickly rush through super.Want to carry out province inside of definitely request, strengthen the Du that the policy measure carries out to check, hold firmly research to draw up the policy of industrial steady growth to raise Cuo, extend effective investment, perfect foreign trade supporting policy, guard against to dissolve each kind of risk, push each profession steady health development.Want grasp heavy repair short with all strength, help the point district to contribute more, point the business nike air max 2014 ukenterprises release potential more, other districts and business enterprise chase with all strength.Wanting the perfect economy to work grasps a hand, implementation like work responsibility, top and bottom communication contact important airtight relaxed, the improving method especially and masterly controls to make use of goodwork ten methods and continuously raises work result, offer the biggest effort, use most the method of science, fight for the best result.Each vice- mayor distinguishes economic situation and cent take care of work speech at present.And then Xun(reporter week Ji) yesterday afternoon, mayoral〃? Lu Zi jumps to continue to manage to convene municipal services mansion