The white city big Anne City and the Yao south city, the town Lai county is 2.2 myriad people disasters, the farm crop disaster area is extremely 7,300 hectares, accept more than 600 hectares among them, and the direct economic loss is close to 33,000,000 dollars.Domestic affairs hall in Gansu province reports that orchid state, Wu Wei, and Zhang Yi...etc.4 city 5 county(area) more than 8700 persons' disasters;More than 200 houses damage;The farm crop disaster area is extremely 1,300 hectares, accept more than 200 hectares among them;It is more than 10000 dollars 1400 to is direct economic loss.The Wei my Er in Xinjiang interborough domestic affairs hall reports that gram region Wen Xiu Xuan of Su and sand Ya Xuans, the tower city sum in the region quick nike air max 90 hyperfuse womenscounty more than 8100 persons' disaster, the farm crop disaster area is extremely 3,100 hectares, accept more than 100 hectares among them, direct the economic loss is more than 10000 dollars 2200.Recently, hair in the nation changed Wei and The People's Bank Of China common speed the social reputation system construction held to release meeting.According to the introduction, Chinese the business enterprise economic loss resulted in by trustworthiness imperfection annually more than 600,000,000,000 dollars.(On July 10 China Times in the city)the ancients cloud:The letter is the radicle of government, the government has no letter then Wei, have letter then Chang.The trustworthiness is a kind of order with social normal maintenance and people proper the social morals norm of the rights, as if the fish can not get away from water, the person cans not get away from air similar.Currently, the society exists in great quantities a trustworthiness problem not.For example business deceit

Zha, make a leave to sell a leave, steal to escape to cheat a tax, academic don't carry, food safe trouble etc. have occurrence.Is cautiously analytical, these business enterprise trustworthinesses surely have its the internal factor that is driven by benefits, but or many or little also relate to governmental affairs trustworthiness.Government since is the establishment of the social trustworthiness system, the performance and maintenance, and then is a guiding of social trustworthiness, demonstration.The governmental affairs trustworthiness is first trustworthiness, its value is mainly lie in administering of strength and effect, and each policy acquires a higher social mental approbation degree and earns more crowds advocacy and support.Protecting a government public's trust isnike air max 2014 cheap each responsibility with duty-bound government, concretely come to say be want a strict Lyu job responsible, the matter starts to do from starting to do everyday and rose from the do-it-yourself since the childhood and supported by actual activity governmental of good image.Protect a government public's trust, don't need to be too many astounding of raise, morely lie in an of every act and move, lie in a to talk 1 line, lie in stepping to dependably and on the spot put into action.Protect a government public's trust, not only lie in temporarily, more lie in farsighted.Not only need to develop the sense of responsibility of the staff's mightiness, but also need to construct a perfect system guarantee.Currently but the speech , on being a public perfect governmental affairs information system, let the power in the sun circulate,

Avoid a camera bellows operation.Two is a sound staff to investigate to evaluate system and strengthen the comprehensive analysis to the achievement, the usage investigates thisconductor's baton so much.Three is build up sound ask a responsibility of system.Practice the officer is virtuous to ask a responsibility, draw up a responsibility to pursue a way, make the government functionary is pierced through to trustworthiness principle to implement a management, direct kimono duty the job whole processeses.Pass perfect system, raise an execution, coagulate everyone's thought, norm everyone's behavior, support a government public's trust.Protecting a government public's trust is the concrete activity that supports government image, and that nike kobe 8 uktime generation the glorious mission for giving.Strictly implement a job, aware of self to obey a regulation, lead to take the lead, insist a sunlight operation and brave to accept direct, as BE, promote a government public's trust is also an involuntary matter son.(State national prosperity)July 10, mayoral? Huang Qi Fan at south shore area investigation point out, according to steady increase, adjust structure and urge the request of transformation, with devote major efforts development move communication terminal and thing allied net etc. industry is point, concentration strength, rather the heart calms down to annoy, speed development.Huang Qi Fan investigated Chongqing beautiful of make cold equipments limited company, the message industry limited company, renewable resource bargain center in Chongqing and Chongqing of country letter in Chongqing science and technology hundred million elephant cities and vivo to move